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Mock-fight With Cupid

Mock-fight With Cupid

Mock-fight With Cupid Lips of my heart.. Are locked into a Teasing silence! Eyes of her soul.. Pretend to duck my glances, Through the musical armour Of her fluttering eye-lids! Story of our love.. Is overcast with.. Clouds of a mock fight.. Pregnant with silent tears! Friends

Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics My life sacrificed my heart, To the dancing poetry Of your musical limbs, At a breath-taking turn, Lapsed into a lush green dream!   Beats of my heart Burst into the songs, Of a burning passion, Dying to team-up their rhythm With the ensemble

Muse of a Missing Heart-beat

Muse of a Missing Heart-beat “Life is but a dream!” Whispered the mist In her wistful eyes! “Isn’t that why.. You turned my life Into a sleepless dream?” Mused my heart Missing its beat! “Love is but a dancing flame” Murmured the fragrance Floating around her tresses!