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Our Teenage Years

This book is about two best friends growing up in their teenage years in a small town. All the wild adventures and stories from my childhood, after my parents divorced and we went on the run for 11 years.

The Poet Laureate

The Poet Laureate

The Poet Laureate Your adoring eyes.. Seem to question.. Why don’t I spread.. My lyrics all over the world.. And be a world renowned poet?   Tell me, why should I care about.. The entire world outside.. When your hypnotic eyes.. Are my world now.. Having hijacked

The Divine Debt

The Divine Debt

The Divine Debt Buried in the Silken arms of Love, My life was gazing At the dark sweetness Of the blushing night Wooed by the dimpled Glory of a young moon   “Midas touch of your lips Has turned my moments Into golden rain-drops Of a sun-kissed

A Surreal Gaze

A Surreal Gaze A surreal roving gaze.. Played its charm along The garden of my heart, Like a master street-charmer Breaking it into A chorus of smiling colors!   Never knew when, The sleepless night Eloped with the Speechless smile Of the young dawn Leaving my lonely

Muse of a Missing Heart-beat

Muse of a Missing Heart-beat “Life is but a dream!” Whispered the mist In her wistful eyes! “Isn’t that why.. You turned my life Into a sleepless dream?” Mused my heart Missing its beat! “Love is but a dancing flame” Murmured the fragrance Floating around her tresses!

When You Are Away

When You Are Away When you are away, My eyes wear The damp memory Of your smile, And my thoughts Weave their angst Around quenchless flame Of your world-filling absence! When you are away, The evening.. Like a lonely bride, Wanders aimlessly Around the source Of her

The Miss World

The Miss World “I am far from… A beauty-queen, Leave alone a Miss world!”   Argued my muse with my poem!   “How can you deny, You filled my life, With moments of beauty…”   MY words rippled Into a wave of answer,   “Reigning my destiny

Symphony of The Nightflower

Symphony of The Nightflower

Symphony of The Nightflower The “Night-flower” is oozing.. With a fountain of heady fragrance.. Ruling every breath of my night.. With music of her infectious zest! Eyes of my heart.. Stay glued to the doorway.. Breathlessly weaving dreams.. Throbbing with foot-steps of my beloved! Every beat of