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The Divine Developer

The Divine Developer The awe-struck moon, Is gazing in wonder At its look-alike, Melting in the Clouds of my arms!   Finger-tips of my breath, Are painting a riot Of Blushing smiles On the touch-screen Of her face!   After all isn’t Our life just… Another paint-brush

A Gold lettered Tryst

A Gold lettered Tryst My evening was Utterly colorless, Gasping for the music Of your smile. Struggling to fathom, Reason behind our love, When the love bared Beauty of its meaning, Through a lone moon-lit tear Painting a trail of our Tender moments together Lending a damp

Thirsty River

Thirsty River

Thirsty River Gazing at the waves Of your shadows, Dancing on the Ocean of my life,   My poetry feels the angst Of a thirsty river, Born in the mountain-pass Of my distant dreams As a giggling rivulet   Growing on the way Into a streaming Fountain