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Singing in the Rain…

Singing in the Rain...

Singing in the Rain… My whispering tears.. Have made a tryst.. With drizzling dreams.. Of monsoon rain-drops.. To perch upon.. Over-flowing fragrance.. Of your silken tresses! And deck them with.. … Pearls of sparkling moments..!   As my tears mingle with.. Shades of a rainbow.. Flowing along

Midas touch

Midas touch

Midas touch YouTube promotion of my poem Midas touch You marvel at the.. Source of lyrical gems.. Painted by the breath of my soul.. … On the crystal clear canvass Of your golden smile!   Ask that magic smile.. Whose Midas touch it was.. Which sowed the

Pearls of Life

Pearls of Life Melting tear by tear Into the depths Of my youth, You watered The bitterness Of my life, Into a garden Of sweetness!   Shading its youth, Petal by petal, My life disrobed slowly Into infant fruits Of new beginnings Making my heart kiss Pearls