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A Lyrical Love-Tryst

A Lyrical Love-Tryst

A Lyrical Love-Tryst “When and where.. Did you sign.. The love-tryst.. With source of my life?”   My poetry asked me..! As my moments were melting.. Into my beloved’s arms!   I answered.. With a tear in my one eye.. And a song in another!   “You

Singing in the Rain…

Singing in the Rain...

Singing in the Rain… My whispering tears.. Have made a tryst.. With drizzling dreams.. Of monsoon rain-drops.. To perch upon.. Over-flowing fragrance.. Of your silken tresses! And deck them with.. … Pearls of sparkling moments..!   As my tears mingle with.. Shades of a rainbow.. Flowing along

Crowning Absence

Crowning Absence

Crowning Absence The air is thick.. With a musical riot.. Of dancing rain-drops!… The wet soil proudly sports.. Fragrant foot-prints.. Of a tell-tale court-ship.. Blooming into lush-green dreams! …No wonder.. My thoughts follow the cue.. And start courting lingering notes.. Of your lush green memories.. Aching with

Colors of Life

Colors of Life Colors of our life are winking at the world!   “Guess the true shade of our color!” The world marvels at the wonder of the fate’s magic art.. as she again dips her brush.. in a crucible.. frothing with.. multi-hued passions!   The dawn

The Drizzling Creations

The Drizzling Creations The mid monsoon sky Drizzles with a Sun-kissed mirth, Tapping to the rhythm Of blue eyed rain-drops! Come along my heart, Dance with my swaying dreams Clasping the fingers of mirth! Let the shadows of Our dreaming passions Scale the sky-kissing arc Of a