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Song and Dance

Song and Dance My eyes, like a Pair of bees Are humming their song To the rhythm of Your dancing gaze!   Their notes abuzz with, A restless question Like a vagabond tear Longing for your lips!   Even the time stands still Till the lips of

Coming Back To Life

Coming Back To Life The sky is gazing At dark eyed clouds, Cynically smiling Behind star-lit tears! Why don’t you come back To my life once again, And tickle the shackles Of my silent cynicism Into a garden of giggles? Cup of my life, Is brimming With

The Twin Flame

The Twin Flame

The Twin Flame Like a tireless flame Burning eternally With a dancing poise, In the sanctum sanctorum Of a holy temple,   Let my love cherish Its restless pain Dancing in the half dreaming, Half bleeding wound Of your thirsty heart,   Struggling to erupt Into the