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A Lyrical Love-Tryst

A Lyrical Love-Tryst

A Lyrical Love-Tryst “When and where.. Did you sign.. The love-tryst.. With source of my life?”   My poetry asked me..! As my moments were melting.. Into my beloved’s arms!   I answered.. With a tear in my one eye.. And a song in another!   “You

Music of the Mango Blossom!

Music of the Mango Blossom!

Music of the Mango Blossom! In the pregnant shadows.. Of a dreaming mango-tree. Lost in the heady rhythm.. Of its own musical blossom.. A love-song was born.. Upon the fused pair of our lips!   As the strains of.. Cuckoo’s burning notes.. Wound their arms.. Around the

Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics My life sacrificed my heart, To the dancing poetry Of your musical limbs, At a breath-taking turn, Lapsed into a lush green dream!   Beats of my heart Burst into the songs, Of a burning passion, Dying to team-up their rhythm With the ensemble

Made for Each Other

Made for Each Other

Made for Each Other Is it not really, A burning raw desire Binding together our souls Rather than the innocent love Your eyes quarreled With my smiling desire Dripping with pure love! The moon gazed amusingly Breaking into a loving answer “Love and desire Are but two

Song and Dance

Song and Dance My eyes, like a Pair of bees Are humming their song To the rhythm of Your dancing gaze!   Their notes abuzz with, A restless question Like a vagabond tear Longing for your lips!   Even the time stands still Till the lips of

A Silent Duet

A Silent Duet The air is thick With colors of life, Listening with a Thrilling shiver To the distant rhythm of Your jingling foot-steps…   Why can’t your heart Skip a few of its beats And let your killing gaze Silence the rest of my beats Blending

The Drizzling Creations

The Drizzling Creations The mid monsoon sky Drizzles with a Sun-kissed mirth, Tapping to the rhythm Of blue eyed rain-drops! Come along my heart, Dance with my swaying dreams Clasping the fingers of mirth! Let the shadows of Our dreaming passions Scale the sky-kissing arc Of a

Book Review by Ms. Rashmi

Symphony of the Nightflower - Love Poems by Vishwas Vaidya

Symphony of the Nightflower Review by Ms.Rashmi It takes time to set into the mood of the book. The first time I lay my eyes on Vishwas Vaidya‘s book ‘Symphony of the Nightflower’ I failed to understand the craft of the words woven so intricately. Once I