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Breath of The Summer Breeze

Breath of The Summer Breeze A half dreaming rose, Floating merrily On playful waves of Her dark tresses Was teasing my heart   Chasing tirelessly The fugitive fragrance Walking away with The breath of The summer breeze!   Stung with jealousy, My heart struggled to tease back..,

A Floating Dream

A Floating Dream Notes of love, were dancing On the lips Of sleepless stars..   The moon was floating Like a molten dream In the damp eyes Of a monsoon night!   Suddenly I was drunk With fragrance of a Dreaming rose Flirting with The misty eyed

Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation Notes of my life, Rose mid-air into… A riot of colors, As your eyes Waved a “Yes” At the struggling Lips of my Faltering question!   That moment Stands still in a… Suspended animation, Gazing at my life Floating endlessly on the Wings of destiny’s