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Mock-fight With Cupid

Mock-fight With Cupid

Mock-fight With Cupid Lips of my heart.. Are locked into a Teasing silence! Eyes of her soul.. Pretend to duck my glances, Through the musical armour Of her fluttering eye-lids! Story of our love.. Is overcast with.. Clouds of a mock fight.. Pregnant with silent tears! Friends

The Miss World

The Miss World “I am far from… A beauty-queen, Leave alone a Miss world!”   Argued my muse with my poem!   “How can you deny, You filled my life, With moments of beauty…”   MY words rippled Into a wave of answer,   “Reigning my destiny

A Silent Duet

A Silent Duet The air is thick With colors of life, Listening with a Thrilling shiver To the distant rhythm of Your jingling foot-steps…   Why can’t your heart Skip a few of its beats And let your killing gaze Silence the rest of my beats Blending