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Mock-fight With Cupid

Mock-fight With Cupid

Mock-fight With Cupid Lips of my heart.. Are locked into a Teasing silence! Eyes of her soul.. Pretend to duck my glances, Through the musical armour Of her fluttering eye-lids! Story of our love.. Is overcast with.. Clouds of a mock fight.. Pregnant with silent tears! Friends

Beyond All Words

Beyond All Words Your eyes are Streaming with A musical silence Throbbing with Lingering questions   Sans any word, Yet quite potent Beyond all words!   My fingers whisper Music of their touch Along the waves of your hair   Wiping the tears Of your questions With

The Miss World

The Miss World “I am far from… A beauty-queen, Leave alone a Miss world!”   Argued my muse with my poem!   “How can you deny, You filled my life, With moments of beauty…”   MY words rippled Into a wave of answer,   “Reigning my destiny

A Silent Duet

A Silent Duet The air is thick With colors of life, Listening with a Thrilling shiver To the distant rhythm of Your jingling foot-steps…   Why can’t your heart Skip a few of its beats And let your killing gaze Silence the rest of my beats Blending

Freedom At Midnight

Freedom At Midnight As a midnight dream Gasps for an utterance,   Your eyes tip-toe From one word to another Of my newly born poem, Resonating every line To the rhythm of your breath!   Setting free my words Out of the cage Of their narrow meaning