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Birth Of a Poem..

Birth Of a Poem..

Birth Of a Poem.. The night was aching.. With fullness of her youth.. Flirting with the damp air.. With darkness of her wet passions!   We too were sipping a together.. A moment, so intimately heady, That our eyes started dancing.. Along the steamy music of.. Each

Notes from A Distant Paradise..

Notes from A Distant Paradise..

Notes from A Distant Paradise.. Notes from a distant paradise.. Dripping with utter sweetness.. of your musical presence.. Are whispering in the.. Ears of my loneliness!   My tears struggle to smile.. Welcoming the strains of.. Distant signature tune.. Powering the music of my life!   My

A Valentine Date with Life

A Valentine Date with Life On a lyrically surreal evening, Of February the fourteenth, Life signed a love-tryst With strings of my heart, Playing a melody of dreams Upon the haunted canvass Of my brooding soul! For a scary moment, My heart missed a beat Fearing for

Colors of Life

Colors of Life Colors of our life are winking at the world!   “Guess the true shade of our color!” The world marvels at the wonder of the fate’s magic art.. as she again dips her brush.. in a crucible.. frothing with.. multi-hued passions!   The dawn

A Surreal Gaze

A Surreal Gaze A surreal roving gaze.. Played its charm along The garden of my heart, Like a master street-charmer Breaking it into A chorus of smiling colors!   Never knew when, The sleepless night Eloped with the Speechless smile Of the young dawn Leaving my lonely

For a Fleeting Moment

For a Fleeting Moment

For a Fleeting Moment The evening is chasing The departing Sun For a last golden kiss Making the earth speechless With a winking glance!   If for a fleeting moment, The world looks the other way   I will lift her thin veil Of half-blushing smile And

The Destiny’s Darling

The Destiny’s Darling If Only, the Destiny Were little more kind..   You could have been The breath of my life, With your smile floating As a foaming sweetness On the cup of my life!   But never mind, The cruel destiny.. The simmering pathos Of your

The Jewel Thief

The Jewel Thief My eyes fleet across Her face like shadows Of speechless travelers, Gazing at the glorious peace Streaming from Every pore of her smile   Asking her, “Can I if ever, my beloved,… Grasp the source Constantly giving birth To the bottomless hush Painting your