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Festival of Lights!

Festival of Lights!

Festival of Lights! Colors of the tiny flames.. Are dancing to the beats.. Of a fragrant whisper! Flirting with a playful chill.. As they light along… A riot of smiles.. Upon the lips of a festive air!   I am suddenly haunted with.. The mystical message.. Written

A Surreal Gaze

A Surreal Gaze A surreal roving gaze.. Played its charm along The garden of my heart, Like a master street-charmer Breaking it into A chorus of smiling colors!   Never knew when, The sleepless night Eloped with the Speechless smile Of the young dawn Leaving my lonely

When You Are Away

When You Are Away When you are away, My eyes wear The damp memory Of your smile, And my thoughts Weave their angst Around quenchless flame Of your world-filling absence! When you are away, The evening.. Like a lonely bride, Wanders aimlessly Around the source Of her