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It is said that human civilization and culture actually began when we first accomplished how to write on cave walls. Exchanging messages, conveying ideas, expression emotions… so many things you can achieve via writing and most of them you haven’t even thought of. That’s why reading this book comes as a revelation for most people.

Coming up with a Good First Line for a Novel

Coming up with a Good First Line for a Novel

WRITING TIPS – SEPTEMBER C.FAWKES Over the years I have read literally thousands of openings of unpublished fiction. When one of my followers asked for help coming up with a good first line, I wrote this post. Hopefully it will help you craft an opening that rocks,

23 Steps To Quit Your Job And Become A Writer

23 STEPS TO SAFELY QUIT YOUR JOB AND BECOME A FULL TIME WRITER You have a good life. You have a normal, average life. You did not become a state president. You are not homeless, either. You are there, right in the middle of society. A normal