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A Gold lettered Tryst

A Gold lettered Tryst My evening was Utterly colorless, Gasping for the music Of your smile. Struggling to fathom, Reason behind our love, When the love bared Beauty of its meaning, Through a lone moon-lit tear Painting a trail of our Tender moments together Lending a damp

The Twin Flame

The Twin Flame

The Twin Flame Like a tireless flame Burning eternally With a dancing poise, In the sanctum sanctorum Of a holy temple,   Let my love cherish Its restless pain Dancing in the half dreaming, Half bleeding wound Of your thirsty heart,   Struggling to erupt Into the

Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation Notes of my life, Rose mid-air into… A riot of colors, As your eyes Waved a “Yes” At the struggling Lips of my Faltering question!   That moment Stands still in a… Suspended animation, Gazing at my life Floating endlessly on the Wings of destiny’s