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The Virgin Union…!

The Virgin Union...!

The Virgin Union…! Speechless buds.. Of my mute passions.. Are blooming slowly.. Into whispering flowers.. Of my new-born words.. Drunk with the ecstasy.. Of their own infant pain!   As my nascent words.. Melt in entreating arms.. Of the colorful fantasies.. In an overflowing sweetness Of a

Notes from A Distant Paradise..

Notes from A Distant Paradise..

Notes from A Distant Paradise.. Notes from a distant paradise.. Dripping with utter sweetness.. of your musical presence.. Are whispering in the.. Ears of my loneliness!   My tears struggle to smile.. Welcoming the strains of.. Distant signature tune.. Powering the music of my life!   My

The Destiny’s Darling

The Destiny’s Darling If Only, the Destiny Were little more kind..   You could have been The breath of my life, With your smile floating As a foaming sweetness On the cup of my life!   But never mind, The cruel destiny.. The simmering pathos Of your

Pearls of Life

Pearls of Life Melting tear by tear Into the depths Of my youth, You watered The bitterness Of my life, Into a garden Of sweetness!   Shading its youth, Petal by petal, My life disrobed slowly Into infant fruits Of new beginnings Making my heart kiss Pearls

Wherever You May Go

Wherever You May Go

Wherever You May Go My songs, Like fond arms Of cherished memories Hum around your Wandering sweetness Trotting around the world   My tunes turn into An eternally dancing flame In the temple of your heart!   Your thoughts, Like waves on the sea-shore Don my foaming