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Sons of Eirinn Operation Celtic Jihad

Sons of Eirinn Operation Celtic Jihad banner

The New World Order of the post-NATO era, the GMA Global Military Alliance is the new policeman on the block. Two twin brothers, one a fanatically Catholic Republican Irish terrorist, one a former SAS soldier. Both trained killers on a bloody brutal collision course searching for an Iranian Super Explosive in War-torn Turkey.

Al Shabah

Al Shabah banner

Based on the true story of the author’s experiences growing up in Lebanon during that country’s bloody civil war, as well as his time as a counter-terrorist operative. The story follows “Paul” from his childhood in the Bekaa Valley to adulthood where he finds himself recruited as a trained killer by both Israel’s Mossad and the CIA.

Cry The Beloved Country

Cry The Beloved Country As Terrorist’s fire Savored the beauty of Taj, Hotel staff turned martyrs Saving the lives Of their precious guests As the finest brand of Indian hospitality triumphed Keeping the tri-color flying proudly, Whispering to the misty eyed nation,” “Cry The Beloved country!” When