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Bridge on the River Joy

Bridge on the River Joy For a few Stolen moments Our eyes met Each other,   Bleeding Our thoughts Into a river of joy!   For a few Stolen glances, The time stopped breathing,   Listening to our Eyes lost into A speechless duet, Weaving a Bridge

Destiny’s Journey

Destiny’s Journey “I am but a Passing fragrance Floating on the Breeze of time” Hummed my life, “Born as a Flying spark Of creation, Exuding its Fountain of Fugitive colors, On the face of Every passing moment!” “I am but your Wedded companion And your every new

A Wounded Dream

A Wounded Dream When we first met Your eyes played A game of darts Decking my heart With countless wounds In timeless shades! Stream of time since, Has washed those wounds Into flowers of memories Exuding a glowing fragrance Of golden moments Can we for once …cross