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Anni Ala-Verd

Anni Ala-Verd

Anni Ala-Verd


Having moved to America from Armenia at an early age, Anni Ala-Verd hails from a conservative and traditional background. While she embraces this as part and parcel of who she is, she is all too familiar with having her creative inclinations shunned at an early age. As many of us can attest to, this world is often not very rewarding of our creative pursuits, or our God given drive to express ourselves and the gifts of our hearts.

To confound things further, Anni grew up as an empath, feeling both the pains and the joys of those around her. As most empaths can echo, it can be hard to know where your identity begins, and another’s identity ends.

For this reason, she found solace in books and literature. What started out as an escape, soon evolved into something far greater – hope. She read and took an interest in life, death, and worlds unseen. While her eyes drank the words on the paper, her soul grew ever thirstier for the prospect of freedom, and the words of those who had achieved it and wrote to tell about it.

If man is a tree, Anni asks, and emotions her roots …what then are words, if not the birds that rest on its branches? What good are strong roots, if they don’t support the branches that reach toward the Sun and the stars?

There is a certain spark that a well-read person possesses, and though it remains indescribable (ironically), its destination is certainly divine. Let’s share this spark, and fan its flames together!

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