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M.C. Simon is an author, blogger, reviewer, project manager, researcher, engineer, happy mother and beloved wife… which makes her an expert at being a busy person.

She loves to study different subjects and different domains. This passion helped her succeed in her first year of becoming a blogger and a published author, starting from the ground level. And this, while she kept her full-time job as an engineer, a mother and a wife. Still… she has a secret helper… her husband.

M.C. speaks directly to the reader’s heart on:

M.C. Simon has properly trained her writing muscles in the “30 Day Blogging Challenge”. Thanks to this, she is now addicted to daily workouts at her writing Gym, where she receives the power to lift unlimited weights in several areas of interest.

Professional Reviewer

Favorite Life Rules

Rule No. 1

If you insist to believe that only swimming is possible, you will never learn to fly.

Rule No. 2

Everything is based on contrasts. You can read these lines only because it is enough contrast between the letters and the background.

M.C.’s writings can be considered “Food for Soul”. Instead of approaching the symptoms of any subject, she loves to dig deeper down to the root level. No matter whether she writes for Writers or people’s hearts, M.C. has her personal writing style that can be hardly confounded. Someone asked her one day what her writing genre is, her answer instantly came, “Writing between the lines, this is my genre”.

Being a long time spiritual traveler, M.C. had decided that her goal in life is bringing her contribution to achieving a better life on this planet. To attain this level, humanity must consist of happier people. And people can be happier and live a better life if they are aware of their hidden powers, the gifts that are their birthrights, which maybe they have forgotten about. And here is the start of M.C.’s role.

Published Books
Feng Shui For Writers
How to Reach Your Writing Goals like a Pro

Soon to be released (preorders are welcome):
Feng Shui Music for Writers
Make a Wish – Use a Chi Ball
Feng Shui for Bloggers
Food for Soul –The Daily Wondering
Food for Soul – Heaven and Hell

Content Writer

  • Content is King and is the path to your business online success. Hire M.C. to build your client’s trust providing authoritative content. She covers a large area of interest due to her passion to study. Being also a researcher, you will be amazed at how deep she can dig to highlight your expertise.

  • If you need to increase the visibility of your growing site then it’s a good idea to hire your content writer who understands Keyword research, citation sources, image usage rights, and is able to incorporate a call to action in natural language.

  • You can hire M.C. as a regular contributor to your website or as a ghost writer. Only the price differs, the high quality remains same.

Ghost Writer

  • The gift of being an empathetic person helps her easily find a common base with anyone who needs to publish a book but doesn’t have the time or knowledge to write one. As a ghost writer, she practically takes the owner’s thoughts, style, and intention and transforms them into words that attract the reader of almost any domain of interest.


  • English & Romanian languages
  • Many friends and readers know very well M.C.’s preference for translating old spiritual books. However, she loves to translate or review almost anything… except horror books. M.C. likes to say that she has already overcome the age when she was hunting for horror movies.

  • You can find many of her Romanian translations/video subtitles on Nevertheless, if you google her real name, you will see an “invasion” of her translations for different books, websites and magazines starting from 2003 when she came online for the first time.

Being an empathetic person, M.C. has the ability to enter into any author’s mind, and her reviews and translations are filled with the exact intention that resides at the base of any book. She loves to review almost anything… except horror books. M.C. likes to say that she has already overcome the age when she was hunting for horror movies.

Find several of her Reviews here:

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