Sterling B. Freeman

Sterling B. Freeman - passion for creative arts little dreamer seriesSterling B. Freeman is the author and illustrator of the Little Dreamer children’s book series, creator of Little Dreamers Character Art classes, and the founder of Little Light Series-a brand with a mission to energize, enlighten, and empower kids. Sterling has always had a passion for creative arts and communication since he was a young child. From an early age, he was exposed to the visual and performing arts, entrepreneurship, and writing. After attending college for design at NC A&T State University, he discovered his drive to use his experience and talents to inspire others to fulfill their fullest potential, especially the biggest dreamers of all – children. Sterling wrote and illustrated his first children’s book, Goodnight, Little Dreamer in 2019 and released the companion coloring book in 2020. They are the first in Sterling’s Little Dreamer series. When Sterling is not writing and illustrating children’s stories, being a dreamer himself, he teaches basic cartooning online to kids ages 4-8 from around the world using numbers, letters, and shapes to draw the art. With the use of these characters that they also learn in school, kids attending his art sessions gain extra practice and build on their drawing skills. He also enjoys presenting live and virtual readings, talks, and art sessions to children at school events while continuing to dream and create. All children can dream, but not every child has the exposure to keep them believing that they can fulfill them, says Sterling. His books and art classes aim to keep their little imaginations alive and show them that anything is possible if they put their minds to it. Wake Up, Little Dreamer is the second book in the Little Dreamer series for young creatives and emerging leaders. Like the first book, it aims to keep their minds inspired and their little lights shining.

Author’s Books

Goodnight, Little Dreamer by Sterling B. Freeman

Goodnight, Little Dreamer: Coloring Book by Sterling B. Freeman
Wake Up, Little Dreamer by Sterling B. Freeman
Wake Up, Little Dreamer: Coloring Book

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