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The Workplace Writer’s Process by Anne Janzer

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The Secrets of Business Writing Success – If writing is any part of your job, you owe it to yourself to figure out how to get it done consistently, efficiently, and successfully. This book covers the business communication skills no one teaches you in writing class.

Baffled by Love

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For three decades, Laurie Kahn has treated clients who were abused as children―people who were injured by someone whom they believed to be trustworthy, someone who professed to love them. Their abusers―a father, stepfather, priest, coach, babysitter, aunt, neighbor―often were people who inhabited their daily lives.

Sex, Suicide and Serotonin

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On the outside, Debbie Hampton appeared to have everything going for her but felt empty and inadequate on the inside. After taking care of her brother as he wasted away and died of AIDs, the end of her marriage to her high school sweetheart in a Divorce Court-ugly split, years of wrong turns, things not working out, and being flat-out disappointed with life, she swallowed handful after handful of pills.

Krispy Kritter: A book about Teasing

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This book is a tool to help children find resolve with their peers when they are being teased or bullied. It is designed to promote critical thinking, problem solving, and the importance of communicating with responsible adults. Children must learn to solve their problems with a different way of thinking, instead of the same kind of thinking that is creating the problem.

There’s a Hamster in the Dashboard

The first story, about Sally, the dog who succeeded to bring back home the future author, while he was so small that he couldn’t even remember those moments, hooked me and sincerely speaking brought a few tears into my eyes; tears that came back while reading some other stories included in “There’s a Hamster in the Dashboard“.

Producing Books for Growing Sales

PREPARE! PUBLISH! PROMOTE! Book 1: Producing Books for Growing Sales

This is the first in a 3-part series dealing with self-publishing for growing sales. This first book focusing on producing quality content that is focused on the interests of prospective readers.