Festival of Lights!

Festival Of Lights!
Festival Of Lights!

Colors of the tiny flames..

Are dancing to the beats..

Of a fragrant whisper!

Flirting with a playful chill..

As they light along…

A riot of smiles..

Upon the lips of a festive air!

I am suddenly haunted with..

The mystical message..

Written across your eyes..

Eternally beckoning me..

To decode its meaning..

Unlocking the treasure of sweetness

Which enriches your inner voice!

Aren’t the whispering flames..

Buzzing with the colors..

Humming the essence..

Of the same mystic message..

Which has led our ancestors.

.From the darkness of ignorance..

To the musical fountain of light..

And rescued them from the Abyss of untruth..

Towards an illuminated pathway..

Studded with wisdom and truth..

From a black-hole of deadly sins..

Towards immortal moments of..

Everlasting creations?

As our eyes congratulate each other..

Relishing together in the glow..

Of the new-found enlightenment..

Our destinies sign-off a tryst..

To illuminate every single..

Of our duets..

Along the journey together…

Into an eternal Festival of Light!

© Copyright 2014, Vishwas Vaidya All rights reserved.

Symphony of the Nightflower

Festival of Lights! ▷📚 WritersPayItForward
Festival Of Lights

Colors of the tiny flames..

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