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Writer’s Block Is a Symptom, Not The Problem…

Writer's Block Is a Symptom

Let’s face it, advice for writer’s block has been covered in depth and ad nauseam from all corners of the writing world. So instead of giving cliche (albeit useful) advice like “relax with some tea” or “take a break and return to your work later” I’d like to add what I believe is a more unique perspective to help writers facing this issue.

Take Your Writing Seriously, But Never Yourself…

Take Your Writing Seriously

“Take your work/writing seriously, but never yourself” is an ethic I have applied to virtually every project or cause I have committed myself to. It is a principle that can take you very far if you are on a successful streak, or pick you up if you are feeling low or defeated just as easily.

The Spiritual Calling of the Aquarius

The Spiritual Calling of the Aquarius

The Spiritual Calling of the Aquarius By Jean Claude Disclaimer: As with all birth charts, there are a lot more factors involved with a person’s temperament and purpose than the Sun Sign alone, especially if that sign is cardinal or mutable. Take this into consideration before accepting

Why Writers Need A Toastmasters-Like Community

Writers Need A Toastmasters-Like Community

I loved writing. I loved the time I spent on my own, pouring out my thoughts and ideas into words that I otherwise couldn’t. Writing can be quite a lonely undertaking where you could basically hide behind your blog post, or articles or books.