Mary Reasonover

Mary Reasonover (Writer)Mary Reasonover (Writer)

Mary just loves to write. People have always told her she should write a book. She was an only child and would pretend there was someone there to talk with. She loves to talk also! Likewise she loves to draw. A complete artist… the type that is an “all in one”.

Still… after the marriage and children, there wasn’t enough time to draw or paint. Being told she should write a book so many times, the thought crossed her mind once in a while. However, she has not done it.

She hopes to “someday” do it. I hope she will do it also! Mary always has a story that can bring laughter, once the tears are gone! She just writes from her heart.

When I first asked her to write for my readers, she did not instantly answer me. However, after a short time she agreed and I feel, it is a huge honor having Mary as my guest. I hope you will enjoy her writing at least as much as I enjoy it. I hope you will also read between her lines… there are so many things Mary is adding there.

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