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A Free Book Promotion any author can Appreciate

WritersPayItForward offers a Free Book Promotion on Twitter and Facebook! This Free Book Promotion is valid once per book title submitted. If you wish to extend the duration of the promotion please take a look at our low-cost book promotion services.

To include your book in our Free Book Promotion offer please fill out the form below:

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  • You can write something which is unique about your book. A short, one line phrase which tells the reader about the book (for instance if it’s an award-winning book or bestseller or its discounted for a period).
  • Enter the Link of your Book on Amazon/Kobo/Nook/iBooks/Any Other (this link will be used in tweets)
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5.0 Rating From 5 Reviews.
on 05, Sep 2019
Cool website
on 25, Apr 2018
Looking forward to see if the free promotion has any effect! Thanks!
on 03, Sep 2019
Good website
on 13, Apr 2018
Terrific website. Many thanks.
Alex Pearl
on 30, Aug 2019
Many thanks for the very affordable (and even some free!) services you provide to authors!